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Basic Golf Techniques

Basic Golf Techniques


Stephen Lau


Mastering golf tips on basic golf techniques is the way to your golfing success. If you are committed and disciplined to go out and work your game on a regular basis, you will become proficient in golf grip, golf swing, golf follow-through, and perfect putting.

The basic golf techniques, complement with practice, will turn the simple golf theory into a realty for you.

The Golf Grip

Your golf grip forms the foundation of a good golf swing, because the grip is your only contact with the golf club and ultimately the golf ball. Therefore, your golf grip is one of the basic golf techniques to master in order to improve your game.

The functions of a correct golf grip are to:

·  establish and maintain your control of the club-face (squaring at the distant target)

·   cock and uncock your wrists during the golf swing

·   create a physical link between your body and your golf  club.

Your golf grip, of the basic golf techniques, has be be instinctive and spontaneous.

The basic golf techniques: types of golf grip

There are three basic types of golf grip, and it is entirely your personal preference:

Interlocking Grip: a popular golf grip; the little finger (right hand) interlock with the index finger (left hand);Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods use this golf grip.

Vardon Grip:a low-handicap golf grip; the little finger (right hand) rests between the index finger and second finger (left hand).

Baseball Grip: an ideal golf grip for juniors; hands side by side without linking; easy to “break” the wrists and release the club during the swing.

Neutral grip: the best grip; balanced strength from both the right and the left hand; targeting the club-face to the distant target.

Strong grip: the left hand dominating (you see more than three knuckles on your left hand); hooking or topping many shots.

Strong grip: the right hand dominating (you see more than three knuckles on your right hand); slicing or blocking shots to the right.

Basic golf techniques: getting a correct golf grip:

·   Stand up, your arms hanging naturally by your sides, your hands and palms turning slightly towards your thighs.

    ·   Form your golf grip.

·   Open your left hand.

·   Run the grip of your golf club along the base of your fingers, using your index finger as a “trigger.”

·   Close your left hand round your golf club, your left thumb pointing down towards the ground.

·    Position your right hand over your golf club with its grip at the base of your right fingers.

·   Close your right hand over your golf club. The position is correct if you can see two knuckles on your right hand.

·   Check your grip and set-up position from time to time.

·   Check your grip pressure: too much pressure (squeezing your golf club too tightly) will prevent you from cocking your wrists for better and greater leverage; too little pressure will result in “re-gripping” to maintain control during your downswing.

The grip pressure (equally exerted with both hands) should be adequate to control the weight of your golf club without restricting its natural movement and tempo.

The basic golf techniques: developing your address routine:

Aim your club-face at your distant target correctly and align squarely to your body to maintain consistently straight shots.

·   Lay a club on the ground parallel to your intended target.

·   Aim your club-face at your target (where you want your ball to go).

·   Position your shoulders at your target (they direct the line of your swing path).

·   Place your feet squarely to your target.

·   Visualize your intended shot to form a mental picture of where and how your ball would go. Develop an instinctive awareness for your accurate target line.

·   Keep checking your alignment and your posture. Right target alignment and good posture are conducive to golfing success.

The Golf Swing

The basic golf techniques making your game enjoyable are as follows: a correct grip and a good swing, aided by posture (head and shoulder alignment) and club-face alignment, and realized in a meticulous pre-shot routine — they all maximize your golfing success.

The basic golf techniques: pre-shot routine

Benefits of precision about your pre-shot routine (through repeated rehearsals of golf fundamentals in the routine) are:

·   consistency

·   spontaneity

·   quality shots.

Components of a meticulous pre-shot routine

Stand behind the ball.

Look at the target.

Identify the line of shot to the target (in front of ball).

Visualize the shot about to play.

Approach the ball from the left, putting the right foot forward.

Set club-face behind the ball, aligning the right hand square to the line of shot.

Bring the left foot forward, now both feet, left of, and parallel to the target.

Apply the left hand to the grip, check the aim, and start the swing.

Hands slightly ahead of ball; feet wide apart (shoulder width)
Club-head low to the ground; turning shoulders
“Breaking” wrists at top of backswing; turning shoulders 90 degrees; knees bent; right knee anchored during upper body turning
In downswing, left knee turning towards target; holding wrist angle until impact

Club shaft and left arm in straight line; shifting body weight to left side

Shifting body weight to front foot; chest facing target; heel of back foot up


A good follow-through is the result of a good swing.
The basic steps in a follow-through are:

·   In the backswing, turn your upper body to the right.

·   Turn upper body back to the center (at the beginning of follow-through).

·   Turn whole body to the left (during the follow-through).

·   Point right toe towards the ground.

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More Golf Tips

Did you know the majority of golfers have major problems with inconsistency, slice, and distance, which are detrimental to your golfing success? They do not have a grasp of the basic golf techniques.

The Simple Golf Swing

The Simple Golf Swing, you will learn how to use your spine as an axis to promote consistency, thereby keeping you on the correct swing plane.

In addition, you will learn the correct hand action to add distance to your shots. There are invaluable tips on timing to get straight ball flight and consistent direction.

The Simple Golf Swing is an indispensable step-by-step guide with detailed photos on the short game, the mental game of the sport, and personal coaching tailored for you to meet all your golf mechanics needs.

Within 2 weeks, you may drop your handicap by as many as seven strokes through golfing success tips on the following:

·  Full Swing Instruction

·  Chipping Sand: how to get out of sand and other hazards

·  Putting: tips to shave at least 4 strokes from your game

·  Mental game

·  Physical: how your body is affecting your swing and how to change it

·  Training-aids: using clothes hangers, laundry bags, impact bags, walls, tennis rackets, basketballs

The Simple Golf Swing has everything you need to know about your swing for golfing success. I strongly recommend it.

The book teaches you everything you need to know about basic golf techniques.

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The Amazing Golf Mind

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Use Mentor Mirror with lines to help you align your clubface in the correct position. This aid makes sure your take away and follow through are on the correct line.