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Golf Mechanics and
Body Mechanics

Learning golf mechanics is important to your golf swing and golf putting. Understanding your body mechanics is equally important: there is the need to understand how your body responds to the mechanical and muscular demands of the game, thereby instrumental in enhancing every aspect of your play and performance. A lack of knowledge of the body mechanics often results in muscular pain, which is an impediment in your golfing success.

Golf involves a variety of body movements, and the classic golf swing combines the following movements:

ˇ   forward bending

ˇ   backward bending

ˇ   side bending

ˇˇ   body rotation.

While performing these movements, both your head and feet remain relatively stationary.

Your body movements occur at various joints, not bones (which do not turn and twist).

Slightly modify your golf swing, if necessary, to accommodate your body mechanics during the classic golf swing to guarantee good balance and flexibility, which form the foundation of a good swing.

Body Mechanics: Backswing

Front View of end of backswing

Side View and Back View of end of backswing

Body Mechanics: Follow-Through

Front View of follow-through of backswing

Side and Back View of follow-through of backswing

(For more information of golf backswing, go to: Basic Golf Techniques.)

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