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Golf Instructions by Stephen Lau

So you’re taking up golf. . . . Good for you! You want some golf instructions for your golf basics: you’ve heard that you should take golf instructions, or at least taught by your spouse or friend.

Golf is not a difficult game to learn because you possess a brain, which has great capacity and capability for processing information. Golf is intended for the freedom of mind and body in conjunction with the environment in order that the game can be fully and naturally played.

In playing golf, your attention and concentration create your awareness of your knowledge and inner strength, which gives you confidence, facilitating your action, thereby producing the desired result. It is a simple and yet complex process not easy to assimilate. You may need golf instructions from a pro.

The question is: golf instructions or no golf instructions?

Do you really need golf instructions?

You may not need golf instructors for your golf basics, but you may want golf instructions for various reasons:

All behaviors are learned. You learn behaviors that help you advance your golf ball around a golf course. A behavior, however, is also a habit. If the habit is detrimental to your golfing success, you must unlearn it. Golf instructions may facilitate not only your learning what you wish to learn, but also unlearning some of your bad golf habits. Good golf instructors may be able to provide you with relevant golf tips to help you do get rid of your bad golf habits.

Like many golfers, you come to the golf course expecting to enjoy the game but often leave the course with frustration. Your need to eliminate your constant rendezvous with anxiety, which is the culprit of your incompetence and frustration. Through golf lessons, good golf instructors, with good golf tips on golf basics and golf fundamentals, may help you avoid and overcome your anxiety in the game.

Golfing success requires dedication, which translates into diligence and practice.

Understandably, you may wish to play “corporate golf” to enhance your image or that of your corporation. Unfortunately, you may not have the time, and golf instructions seem to be an ideal option.

If you play golf with enthusiasm and an open mind, the golf basics you pick up, whether they are from books, videos, or tips from friends, will fall into place without your conscious awareness. Having said that, learning golf requires a systematic approach to mastering golf basics, (go to Golf Basics and competent golf instructors may be able to show you how in golf lessons.

Whether or not you would like to have golf instructors is your personal choice.

However, if you are looking for a secret or a shortcut to golfing success, you may not find it in golf instructors. There is no cutting-corner: golfing success requires commitment and discipline, and a great deal of hard work. A proficient pro instructor may be able to guide you along the way through golf lessons, but you still need to play your own part.

What you want is less information and more expert knowledge in the game. It is not what you learn but how you learn it that matters.

Playing golf is a reflection of intelligence, while learning golf basics is only intellectual. A golfer is like a pianist, who can acquire his or her technical skills, but innate musicality makes the difference in the performance.

Just go play golf. Go to the golf course. Hit the ball. Find the ball. Repeat the process until the ball is in the hole. Have fun. Just play golf. Golf instructions or lessons are something else.

How to choose your golf instructor

A competent, professional golf instructor is your ally and golfing success. Professional golf instructions mean you pay for the instructor’s competency and his or her golf tips on golfing success. Consider the following in choosing your golf instructor:

Has the golf instructor worked with a “name” instructor or teaching professional?

How much time does the golf instructor spend on teaching? Some like to teach, while some don’t. Obviously, you would want someone who is experienced in teaching.

Does the golf instructor have a proven track record of tournaments? Arguably, a great golf player may not necessarily be a good teacher. However, taking golf lessons from a professional with a record of success may make a difference in the quality of your golf lessons.

Does the golf instructor have experience in teaching different levels of players, as well as both amateur and professional players?

Does the golf instructor emphasize communicating expertise by explanationdemonstrationfeel, or all of them?

Is the golf instructor “people-oriented”? Can the instructor accommodate your specific needs? Are you comfortable with the instructor?

Be a motivated learner

A pro golf instructor may not hold the key to your golfing success. Only you do if you are a motivated golfer, and an avid learner at that.

If you are a motivated learner, you need a road map for getting where you want to be. In other words, you need to set your goals: goals determine what your want, where you want yourself to be, and how you will get there. Even in your golf instructions, you need specific goals for each one of them.

Make a list of all your goals with respect to every aspect of golf basics and golf fundamentals you wish to improve, while believing they are achievable.

Prioritize your list. Take out three of the most important goals you think are most critical to your golfing success.

Put down the date by which your will accomplish these goals one by one, and one at a time.

Evaluate your current assets and resources that may help you achieve your first three goals.

Identify your own limitations, weaknesses that may delay the accomplishment of your goals.

This road map, with the golf tips from a competent instructor, will go a long way in getting you where you want to be.

More golf tips

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