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Golf Fitness by Stephen Lau

Golf fitness is both physical and mental fitness for golfing success. There are no secrets to good golf. Learn the techniques and apply diligently through practice. However, you must have a body and mind fit enough to put what you have learned into application.

The game, at one time, did not focus much on golf fitness, and fitness training was the exception rather than the rule. In the past, golfers were rather reluctant to spend a great deal of time working out. Nowadays, the success of motivated, talented golf players all practice golf fitness training, so much that an exercise trailer and full-time training and rehabilitative staff are always available for players at all USPGA events. Enthusiastic players and professionals realize that fitness is essentially year-round strength training to stay competitive for golfing success.

Golf is a game in which a small advantage in one area can significantly influence the outcome of the game. Golf fitness may mean the difference between finishing 1st or finishing 20th.

A Walking Program

Walking is a weight-bearing exercise for golf fitness. It is the activity closest to perfect exercise. Studies show that walking may have substantial health benefits for golfing success, including:

  ·   Enhancing your heart health, and hence responsible for your brain health, since the heart supplies blood and nutrients to the brain

   · Reducing high cholesterol and improving blood lipid profile (a group of blood tests to determine the risk of coronary heart disease) for weight maintenance

  ·   Controlling body weight through reduction of body fat

   ·   Enhancing mental awareness and sharpness

   ·   Preventing osteoporosis through bone density increase

However, it is important to stay mindful while walking. For most people, walking is an activity requiring no thought or intention — because they have been doing it almost their whole lives. It is common for people to read while walking on a treadmill. That, however, is not mindful walking.

Do not approach walking as if you are merely performing a function of your body. Paying attention to how you walk is mindful walking.

Build your body strength and endurance by starting a walking program, especially if you use a golf cart instead of walking.

While walking, wear golf and walking shoes, which must be long and wide enough to fit your feet to avoid a host of future foot problems associated with poor support and inadequate cushion.

While walking downhill, tighten your lower abdominal muscles to support you lower back. Keep a little spring in your step and avoid locking your knees.

While walking uphill, straighten up your body, instead of leaning forward. Vary the length of your stride to reduce the strain on your back.

Walking is golf fitness to improve your overall physical endurance for the game.

Brain Fitness

Brain fitness is also golf fitness. Your brain health is important to your golfing success. The game requires good judgment and appropriate decisions, which will not be possible without a healthy brain.

Mental decline as you age may be due to altered connections among brain cells. To keep your brain healthy, you must keep your brain cells healthy by nourishing them with oxygen and nutrients. What is good for the heart is also good for the brain. Healthful foods for the heart are also healthful foods for your brain.

Research has found that keeping your brain active not only increases its vitality but also builds its reserves of brain cells and connections.

Always engage in mental activities to keep your memory sharp and your brain healthy. Generate new brain cells at any age through all types of brain activities, which essentially exercise your brain cells.

The best and most effective way to manage your brain cells is to use them, instead of using reminders.

Memory Improvement Techniques unlocks the secrets to a perfect computer-like memory in just about 5 minutes a day. At any age, your memory is powerful, but it is untrained. Memory Improvement Techniques trains you to acquire the skills of “flash memorization” so that you don’t need to remember the things you want to remember the hard way. You don’t need to read memory books, or attend expensive memory workshops. In Memory Improvement Techniques, you will find everything you ever wanted to know about enhancing your brain health for golf fitness. This is the book that will make you proud of your memory – and may even go a long way to delay and prevent Alzheimer’s disease because it helps you fully utilize your mind at all times!

Remember, your mind and your body are not two things. What affects your mind, also affects your body. In other words, if your mind is tense, your body will also become tense. So learn to relax your mind as much as you relax your body. Mind relaxation can be achieved through meditations and power mind.

Keep your brain healthy for longer to play your golf for longer. Visit my blog: Increase Mind Power.

Vision Fitness

Vision plays an important part in golf fitness in that it sharpens your target awareness.

Staying focused on a target requires not only a great deal of concentration but also good vision.

Many golfers exercise their bodies without exercising their eyes for better golf fitness. Your eyes hold the key to your golf fitness as much as your body does.

Do basic eye exercise everyday. For more information go to: Senior Golf. Also, visit my web page: Vision Health Resources.

Daily Exercise Routine

Regular strenuous exercise releases your built-up tension, and is effective for stress management, which is critical to the mental game of golf for golf fitness.

Strength training uses weights of some kind — machines, dumbbells, ankle or wrist weights — to create resistance, which helps build muscle mass for strength and power in your drives, as well as physical endurance throughout the rounds.

Strength training has substantial long-term golf fitness benefits:  improving physical capabilities; reducing risks for injury; preventing technique limitations; averting the development of certain debilitating symptoms arthritis and low back pain

For more information on body fitness, go to my web page: Body Fitness Resources

Stretch Exercise for Golf Fitness

Stretch exercise aims at improving your flexibility in order to extend the range of movement of your joints so that you can play your game more efficiently for better scores. Flexibility is a great asset to your overall golfing success.

Stretch exercise relieves muscular stress and mental tension, both of which contribute to better golf fitness for better scores.

Flexibility reduces the risk of lower back pain, which is a most common complaint among golfers, especially senior golfers.

Flexibility training encourages postural balance and awareness, which are important to the game, especially during the backswing and follow through.

Improved joint strength reduces the degeneration of joint structures in the body, which may lead to adverse arthritic conditions.

With improved physical performance, there will be less tissue resistance, which decreases the chance of injury during the game.

Warm-Up Exercises for Golf Flexibility Fitness:

Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of Americans of all ages and with all physical backgrounds practice Yoga on a daily basis. Yoga, as a daily exercise, has the following benefits:

It normalizes your muscle tone, as well as balances activity of opposing muscle groups.

It lowers your risk of injuring muscles and ligaments.

As minimal effort is required, you feel relaxed rather than stressed out during the exercise.

Contrary to regular exercise, your breathing remains natural and controlled throughout.

You internalize your awareness: you become focused on your breath and the infinite, thereby attaining internal peace and relaxation, which are critical to mental golf.

Brilliant Yoga: Get the most practical approach to attaining a high level of physical fitness, while stabilizing your emotions and elevating your mental attitude, which are crucial to golf fitness throughout the game. In other words, Yoga unites your mind, body, and spirit for optimum performance during the game. Essentially, it is a holistic approach to your overall golf fitness through awareness of your body’s posture, alignment, and patterns of movement; Yoga is golf fitness.

Qigong is a Chinese system of golf-fitness exercise, based on physical movements, breathing techniques, and meditation. Literally, qi means “breath of life” or “vital energy,” and gong means “work” or “mastery of self-discipline.” Essentially, Qigong is an easy-to-follow exercise combining controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple body movement. It works with your body’s energy for your golf fitness.

Qigong Power: Qigong exercise with step-by-step instructions and videos to improve muscle flexibility, enhance internal life energy, and promote clarity of the mind and physical well-being, which are all requisites for golf fitness.

Optimal Breathing

Get a FREE breathing test and see if you have been breathing correctly. Optimal breathing holds the key to your golf fitness and overall health. Learn how to breathe correctly.

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