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Golf Accessories and Golf Equipment by Stephen Lau

Golf accessories and golf equipment may facilitate your golfing success. Technology has affected the game of golf more than any other sport. Over the past decades, golf clubs and other accessories have been revolutionized by state-of-the-art technology. As a result, you, as a golfer, have a wide variety of choice when it comes to golf accessories and golf equipment.

Golf Clubs

Choose your first set of golf clubs based on budget.

·   How much are you prepared to spend?

·   Golf clubs can be expensive. Are you prepared to buy a half-set of clubs?

If you are a junior or a beginner, you may want to buy a half-set, instead of a full set, lest you don’t like the game.

·   Is there more than one type of golf clubs you may wish to buy?

  You may take a fancy to different types of golf clubs, such as graphite, boron, and metal-headed woods.

·   Do you consider buying a second-hand set of golf clubs?

     A second-hand set of golf clubs is good enough as long as the golf clubs not too worn-out.

Be familiar with the terms

Golf clubs are implements you use to hit a golf ball.

standard set of golf clubs include:

·   eight irons

  ·   four woods

  ·   a putter

starter set of golf clubs is a partial set intended to give a new golfer a way to take up the game without too much monetary investment. It may include:

·   four irons

·   three woods

·   a putter

·   a golf bag

 are clubs that have a fat, rounded head on the side behind the face that strikes the ball.

Fairway woods are woods other than the driver that you use for greater distance from the fairway or for more accuracy from the tee.

1-Wood is the driver which is the least lofted (loft is the tilt on a club’s face to get the ball into the air) of all the clubs to drive the ball long distance from the tee.

Numbered woods are other clubs numbered according to the potential with regard to how far the ball will travel. The lower the wood number, the less extent of loft on the surface, the longer the shaft, and the farther you can hit the ball. Woods are not made from wood at all (composed of iron), and modern metal woods are much easier for you to hit the ball.

The 3-wood is more versatile than the 2-wood due to its accuracy.

The 4-wood is easier to hit and is ideal for tee shots to narrow fairways. However, you start losing distance with this wood.

The 5-wood7-wood, and 9-wood enable you to hit more easily from a variety of lies than using their equivalent iron clubs.

Rescue clubs, a hybrid between irons and woods, are new-generation clubs to facilitate you to make all types of golf shot, including long fairway shots and clipping.

Golf Balls

State-of-the-art technology has completely transformed the making of golf balls
In the past, golf balls seldom flew more than 100 yards. Nowadays, with new technology, enhanced golf balls through different cover materials and different dimple patterns could fly several hundred yards.

There are over 1,000 legal golf balls to choose from. Their different designs may affect the trajectory of the ball in flight, its behavior off the clubface, and its reaction on landing.

Your choice of golf balls should be based on:

·   your style of play

·   your swing speed

·   the type of golf clubs you use

Experience with different types of golf balls with a variety of performance styles. If you find a type that suits your style of play, you must like the “feel” of a ball (it will boost your confidence). Stick to that type and play it over an extended period of time until you are comfortable using it.

Be familiar with the terms

Cayman golf balls

Cayman golf balls are designed for short courses. The dimples are rounded, not depressed. It flies about half the distance of a normal golf ball.


Compression is the amount of pressure applied to flatten the golf ball, ranging from 80 to 100, in order to enhance the rebound off of the face of the club, thereby instrumental in creating the distance. If you are a hard hitter and fast swinger, you may want a higher-compression ball; on the other hand, if you are a senior, a beginner or a younger golfer, you may want a lower-compression ball.


Dimples are the depressions on a golf ball’s surface to enable the ball to fly further.

Golf Apparel

Most private clubs have a specific dress code. Denims and collar-less shirts are generally not acceptable.

On municipal golf courses, there is generally no specific dress code.

Golf shoes

Golf shoes with metal spikes may give you better grip on wet or hilly ground. However, golf shoes with rubber spikes are more preferred as they are less damaging to the greens; in fact, nowadays metal spikes are forbidden by many golf clubs.


Get rainsuits that are light-weight, not hampering your golf swing. Quality rainsuits can be costly.

Golf glove

A golf glove may be one of those essential or optional golf accessories, depending on whether or not you can keep a firm grip on the golf club with or without it. If you are right-handed, you need a left-handed glove (your left hand holds the grip.)

Golf Accessories

You can spend a small fortune just on golf accessories, because some of these golf accessories are computerized, such as heavy powered trolleys. While some of these golf accessories may be essential to meet individual needs, many are optional.

Golf bags

Golf bags are some of the golf accessories you may need. Some golfers have two golf bags: a heavy-duty one for the trolley; a light-duty one when you want to carry your own golf clubs.


A tee is a wooden or plastic peg, about 2 to 2.5 inches long, with a concave top and pointed bottom to raise the ball off the ground at tee ground. A tee is one of those essential golf accessories.

Ball marker

A ball marker is used to identify the location of your ball on the green. Mark your ball on the green while you clean it before putting.

Pitch mark repairer (divot)

A pitch marker (divot fixer), one of those optional golf accessories, is a tool to repair depression in the green due to hard-hit balls. Repairing divots is good golf etiquette.


A golf trolley is an optional expensive item to hold your golf bag and other golf accessories, such as a golf umbrella. Nowadays, some golf trolleys are electronically operated by a remote.

There are many more golf accessories that may enhance your performance, but some of these golf accessories are illegal in competitions and tournaments. Remember, these golf accessories and golf equipment are just a means to an end. You still need to master your golf basics in order to master the game.

The Boomerang Golf Putting System

The Boomerang’s not only is an addictive and challenging game, but also fine tunes your muscle memory. Once set every putt becomes an identical challenge of perfect line and perfect pace. Learning how to hit a perfectly straight putt is golfing success. It is the perfect gift for any golfer. Play on your own or with friends and start grooving a professional putting stroke today – it’s great fun and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Fiberbuilt 4’x5′ Golf Hitting Mat System

Golf Mat Systems are excellent for home use and are the number one choice of the best golf courses and driving ranges world wide.

Take what you learn on the mat directly to the course and watch your game improve. The mat will never rip or tear.
It’s easy and fun to practice as often as you like.

Full Circle Swing Trainer

The Full Circle Swing Trainer has spring-pin adjustment to create the perfect plane for your chosen club. High impact UV stabilized plastic, making it strong and completely weather resistant.

This is an excellent aid to improve your golf swing techniques for golfing success.

These are excellent aids to improve your techniques for golfing success:

Use Mentor Mirror with lines to help you align your clubface in the correct position. This aid makes sure your take away and follow through are on the correct line.

Use the Putt Connector as an aid to keep your am and shoulder in the correct position during the putting swing.

Use the Powerleg Strap as an aid to keep you from shifting back in the backswing.

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