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Golf products are here and everywhere. The golf industry is growing at an exponential rate, and increasing in popularity worldwide, bring along an array of stat-of-the-art golf merchandise: training toolsironssetsputtersdriverswedgeswoods, and books on techniques.

Golf Training Tools

TurfTile is the newest, affordable sensation in practice greens that can be used for both putting and chipping.  shape desired. The TurfTile can be expanded into any size and shape to fill a courtyard, backyard or shrunk to fit the corner of a deck.

Hill Shot Golf Trainer – $899.95

Uneven lies – uphill, downhill, sidehill – have always been a part of the game. Hill Shot Golf Trainer brings you an innovative and dynamic way to duplicate many of the difficult shots that occur during a round of golf.

Long-putt Putting Green – $749.95

6′ x 30′ putting and chipping green. This one-piece construction provides unmatched versatility and improved portability.

Tour Edge Exotics EX-3 Irons – $799.95

UNPRECEDENTED IRON TECHNOLOGY The only iron to offer .83 COR for superior distance The EX-3 irons are the fruit of Exotics know-how in turning advanced technology into the finest performing golf clubs in the world. Featuring the very first, patented inner-cup face design, the EX-3 is the only iron to produce a .83 rebound.

Wilson Staff FG Tour Iron Set  –     $ 799.95

Wilson FG Tour Iron Set The new Wilson Staff FG Tour begins the next chapter in Wilson’s storied forged iron history. With visual cues reminiscent of forged classics like the FG51™ and Gooseneck™, the new FG Tour is designed for tour professionals and better-playing amateurs; it is the first forging to feature a playable and forgiving cavity-back design. FG Tour prototypes were play-tested for more than 18 months on the worldwide professional tours by Padraig Harrington, Ricky Barnes, and leading amateurs. Refinements from this play-testing were critical in finalizing shape and weighting.

Scratch Golf AR-1 Iron Set – $ 1099.95

Scratch Golf AR-1 Iron Set Scratch AR-1 Irons are forged from the same soft 1018 carbon steel as our wedges. The AR-1 irons are designed to offer maximum playability and forgiveness in a cavity back with the looks of a traditional muscle back blade at address. The center of gravity is in the center of the face and further back towards the trailing edge. The cavity design is progressive and has a lower COG in the long irons to help get the ball in the air. Scratch Golf AR-1 Iron Heads Scratch AR-1 irons are forged from 1018 carbon steel, the softest steel used by anyone making golf clubs today. The raw heads are then ground and finished completely by hand. The end result is the finest hand made forged traditional cavity back irons in golf, customized for your game. The headshape of the AR-1 irons was inspired by Scratch’s work with Tour Pros from around the globe. Specific attention was paid to the transition from the middle irons to the short irons to assure perfect flow throughout the set from the 3 iron down to the PW.

Magique M2 Iron Set – $447.95

Magique M2 Iron Developed for the beginning to intermediate player, the M2 features a polished 431 stainless steel body and progressive Hi-Vector Sole to optimize ball flight without sacrificing feel. The exclusive “M Back” cavity design evenly distributes weight across the sweet area for greater playability and performance on off-center hits.

Adams Idea a7OS Keri Max Set – $ 1499.95

This integrated 12-piece set features the latest in golf club design and technology with the aerodynamic Speedline Fast10 Driver and the easy-to-hit Idea a7OS MAX hybrids and irons. with the very stylish cart bag that features upgraded materials, functional pockets and dividers and even extras, like the attached accessory bag. There is not a set in golf, designed specifically for women, that can match the Adams Idea a7OS Keri Max Set.

ONOFF Golf MP-508 Iron Set – $1319.95

ONOFF Golf MP-508 Iron Set Features: easy to grip the ball and high trajectory design for draw-ball; further improving the performance of the carry with L-cup Face; improving the performance of the carry with design of Hyper Effect Zone; more forgiveness for average golfers

Explanar Golf Training System – $ 899.95

The Explanar Home Training System is a revolutionary development in golf instruction designed by Luther Blacklock. It is the complete golf training system based around the fundamental principles of the swing plane and the biomechanics of the body. The Explanar swing trainer teaches the golf swing by turning your swing thoughts into feelings, in the same way that training wheels on a bicycle offer guidance during the process of learning to ride.

Feel Golf Gun Metal Iron Set – $ 699.99

Competitor Gun Metal Blade Irons (3-PW) The same traditionally shaped Feel Golf Competitor “Muscleback” irons featuring a sleek and sophisticated look with a good feel feedback for playing your best. A “Muscleback” design in an iron is preferred by better players and players who want to become better. These clubs have a proprietary Ion Plasma finish that is impregnated into the finish to a level of .03 microns. The special process of pressure cast heads are more precise and consistent than any forged club could be. Each set is hand crafted with frequency matched shafts for a great feel and performance. These blades have the same forgiveness as cavity back irons with a much reduced drag through impact.

Golf Putters

Zen “RDE” ZM1 Putter – $325.00

Zen “RDE” ZM1 Putter integrates superior training with Tour-Proven performance with new Mallet range and the patented Zen training aperture used by over 200 tour pros over the last 5 years to improve their putting.

Guerin Rife 2 Bar Hybrid Mallet Putter – $199.95

Guerin Rife Two-Bar Hybrid Mallet Putter Guerin Rife has blended the features and performance benefits of the Island Series Barbados and the even-more-successful original Two-Bar putter, creating one new spectacular design.

F2 Hamilton Mallet Putter – $99.95

F2 Hamilton Putter HM1 Mallet with offset style hosel The makers of the #1 Game Improving F2 Wedge bring you the next revolution in golf. The Champions Tour Winning Hamilton Series Putter will shave strokes off your game.

Golf Drivers

Tour Edge Exotics XCG Driver – $399.95

Tour Edge Exotics XCG Driver The ground-breaking Tour Edge Exotics XCG serves up the most exhilarating experience in golf. The Tour Edge Exotics XCG Driver astonishes with its power and thrills with its performance.

Flush Hit Driver – $119.95

The most important part of the golf swing is impact. Making sure your golf club is square to the ball and that contact is made with the sweet spot of your golf club is the one key ingredient that ensures you will maximize distance and accuracy with every shot.

The Flush Hit Driver was created to help you get that perfect delivery position every time you swing your club.

Golf Wedges

Lovett Sand Wedge – $99.95

Lovett Sand Wedge Having trouble in the bunkers and around the greens? You’re not alone. Many golfers have trouble with their short game, where most shots take place. Lovett Golf replaces technique with technology to improve your short game with minimal effort and help you hit the greens time after time.

Golf Woods

Williams Golf Gold Series FW32 Fariway Wood $749.95

Williams Golf Gold Series FW32 Fairway Wood The Williams FW32 Fairway wood shares the same Formula 1 based design platform that is highlighted in the driver. The key aerodynamic elements; Trip, Winglets, Diffuser, that are essential in managing the airflow and reducing drag in the Williams F1 cars, are also featured in this fairway wood. Using those design features to make this one of the most efficient designs in the industry. This products features a complete stainless steel body construction while utilizing Densimet to optimize the weighting properties for maximum forgiveness. The FW32 also features the Japanese produced line of Fujikura shafts. The Gold Series from Williams Sports will target the golfer that is looking for something outside the traditional realm of golf club styling. This series will share the same technological and aerodynamic advancements that are the core foundation of the entire Williams Sports line. The Gold Series will separate itself from the other series by modifications to the cosmetics and finish of each product. The most noticeable and recognized difference will the exquisite 24 karat gold plating on all exposed metal surfaces.

Books on Techniques

Instant Slice Cure

Get straight drives and explosive distances! Learn from a pro the secrets of anti-slice swing system. Don’t let your slice get worse – it can!

Putting to Win

Putting is the easiest part of the game to improve. But this is no quick-fix, which will be here today and gone tomorrow. Empowered yourself with the right knowledge to become a better putter all your life. This is an excellent book on putting for golfing success!

Breaking the Distance Barrier

Maximize your swing speed and distance by uncovering the golf physics in your physical body. Optimize your swing techniques for optimum distance performance for golfing success.