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Welcome to Christopher Hsu’s Golfing Success Info Center, where you will find all your golf tips and golf information for your golfing success.

What is golfing success?


Golf is playing. In playing, there is no failure. You hit a ball until it gets into the hole. There is only an outcome, which is never a failure. Use that outcome, whatever that may be, for your future reference to make body-and-mind adjustments, and try again. There will be only ultimate success.


Chris Hsu thinks golfing success means playing the game for enjoyment, satisfaction, personal growth and even spirituality. 

Chris Hsu’s Golfing Success Info Center

This is more than just about golf basics and golf techniques, such as golf swing, golf handicap, and golf instructions, to equip you for the game. It is even beyond competition and winning, although golf tournaments, like the golf ball itself, can send you into a flight of ego and ecstasy, one of the main attractions for most golfers


Golf is an intellectual game and sport, in which mental golf wisdom plays a pivotal role in its success – much more than the conventional wisdom that a good round of golf means scoring well and winning competitions.


Christopher Hsu’s site provides you with golf tips and golfing success information to maximize your enjoyment at whatever level, at every round, irrespective of your age or performance, while attaining golfing success through your mind, your personal growth and self-enlightenment experienced in the game.


This site also provides you with relevant information on golf nutrition, golf fitness, golf mechanics, and how to avoid golf injuries, some of the important elements of golfing success.


All the golf tips and golf information provided on Christopher Hsu’s site are your resources for your golfing success.

Come and enjoy the sport!

Chris Hsu – Professional PGA Golfer